We often hear questions regarding equipment, billing, and pricing. Below are our most commonly asked questions. 

Why choose Cannon Services over other companies?

Simply put: Experience, focus, and fairness. Our company name isn’t an acronym or corporate buzzword — it’s a family name. We only hire experienced professionals we can trust, and our team has kept the hospitals, hotels, casinos, restaurants, and entertainment venues of the Ark-La-Tex operating for decades. We aren’t a one-man show that can’t handle big jobs and we aren’t a large corporation too busy for mom and pop businesses. You always get a live person on the phone and know that no matter what problem you are facing, Cannon Services has you covered.

Will there be travel charges?

Due to excessive fuel prices, we are charging a flat $10 fuel charge for each job. If a location is more than 30-minutes from our shop, the fuel charge will be converted to travel miles, including a per mile charge and “windshield time.” Under certain circumstances, travel may also be charged for the return trip in addition to the trip to the job site.

What will I be charged for?

During our normal hours of operation, we charge a locally competitive hourly rate, with a 1 hour minimum. After the first hour, time is billed in half-hour increments. Under most circumstances, time is calculated in a “portal to portal” style calculation. After hours, our labor rate is higher than our normal labor rate. In certain situations, clients may be charged for trips to parts stores related to obtaining non-typical parts required to complete their jobs.

How do I start an account?

You can start an account by contacting our office and completing a client information form. After this your company can be billed with a net 30 payment schedule. Without an account the payment will be required at time of service. 

What should I check before I call?

If the unit requires electricity, we recommend ensuring it is getting the power it requires. Faulty power outlets and tripped breakers are a common occurrence. Other simple things could be ensuring the unit is in the appropriate “mode” or ensuring there is enough gas feeding to gas powered units. Depending on the unit, you may try turning it off and turning it back on.

Does Cannon Services repair HVAC?

Unlike many competitors, we have chosen to focus on restaurant equipment repairs, rather than be “jacks of all trades, masters of none.” We have found that the while both areas have some overlap, they are a significantly different trades that both deserve the respect of concentrated training and experience. However, if you have HVAC needs, we often have team members who can assist if you are in a pinch, and we can always recommend a reputable local HVAC company that you can trust.

What are your areas of coverage?

We have served the Ark-La-Tex region for over 30 years. Our service hub is in Shreveport, Louisiana. For clients with locations outside the Shreveport-Bossier area, we can still cover you, though travel fees may apply.

Are you available 24/7/365?

Yes. We have technicians available at all times. Work outside normal hours of operation is billed at a higher hourly rate. Someone is always available via our main phone line, and that is the best way to contact us. Email inboxes are typically only monitored during regular business hours.

My unit is under manufacturer warranty. Can Cannon Services perform warranty work?

Cannon Services is an authorized warranty partner for most major manufacturers. We recommend calling the manufacturer with the model and serial number of your unit and request Cannon Services. Please note the in many cases, factory warranties only cover faulty parts. If we perform a diagnosis and find that no parts are faulty, the warranty company will often reject the claim and the owner must pay for cleaning, adjustment, or non part-related repair.

Does Cannon Services work on both cooking and refrigeration equipment?

Yes. Cannon Services sales, installs, and repairs virtually all restaurant or commercial kitchen equipment. This includes ovens, grills, rotisseries, fryers, hot boxes, toasters, coolers, freezers, walk-in refrigeration, slicers, hot dog rollers, frozen beverage machines, under-counter coolers, and other similar equipment. We do not service household grade equipment or commercial grade equipment in private homes.