We specialize in repairing a host of various commercial refrigeration equipment and cooking appliances. This includes ovens, grills, hot boxes, hot dog rollers, ice machines, coolers, freezers, and many other genres of equipment.

We have 3 separate technical teams located in Shreveport-Bossier, Texarkana, and Monroe. This allows us to increase response time, minimize costs, and ensure your kitchen keeps cooking with minimal disruptions — because time is money. Call us today to arrange an appointment with one of our qualified technicians.

Often, competitors only “dabble” in restaurant equipment repair when HVAC work gets slow. In fact, many of them are actually HVAC companies who simply “throw” an HVAC technician at a commercial kitchen thinking they can “figure it out.” While this may be allow these companies to keep their technicians busy, it can be a nightmare for kitchen owners. This is not the case with Cannon Services. We focus solely on commercial kitchen equipment and refrigeration and we don’t send technicians on jobs unless they are duly qualified.